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An Introduction to Fundraising (Quick Tip).

Updated: Jan 10

Fundraising is an unpleasant part of a successful campaign, but it is extremely important.  I've seen many great candidates gain minimal traction with their campaign, because they felt winning could be accomplished without money.  Money is the fuel for a campaign to make it to the winning end.  

So how do I raise money?  Well, many candidates are not experienced with "The Ask". Meaning, they are not experienced and comfortable asking people for money.  A candidate must refine and practice a quick elevator speech.  If a candidate continues to struggle, ask for help from a friend.  I have routinely witnessed that campaign supporters or volunteers who have experience in sales are perfect for helping with asking for financial support.  They have the techniques, experience, and have moved past the uncomfortability factor.  

In future blog posts, I will address specific techniques such as email, text, letters, holding fundraisers, etc. However, one final thing I want to stress when asking people for donations.  You must clarify the vision the contribution will support.  The donation is not for you nor your campaign.  It's to support a better life for the donor, their family, and our communities.  The contribution is an investment that will result in significant rewards, such as an improved economy, more jobs, safer communities, better schools or whatever your platform wishes to improve.  Good Luck!!!

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