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The Importance of Name ID (Quick Tip)

Updated: Jan 10

Name identification is the familiarity of your name within the voting population. In other words, do people know you? I have witnessed many candidates jump into a political race with no name ID and never gain traction with the electorate. People are more willing to vote for a candidate they know or have known for years. For example, when trying to get on the ballot for a local seat, you need to attract votes. People are prone to vote for a person they know, while less likely to vote for a new unknown face. It doesn't matter how great you would be as an elected official, with no name ID or hundreds of thousands of dollars for commercials to get your name out, your campaign will have difficulty gaining confidence of the electorate.

So how do I get name ID and build relationships? Visit your local party headquarters and become a volunteer. Offer to be a precinct leader or assist with a caucus or election activity. Become a volunteer for a candidate and get to know everyone in their political realm. Join local political groups and be part of their efforts. Include yourself in the local political scene, because the people you meet will likely be your future voters to help you get on the ballot or win the primary election.

Contact SKS Solutions today, so we can design a personalized strategy to help you gain name ID within your area.

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